This morning I had an amazing dream, where I was 19 again. I had a tiny puppy that I carried around and loved.

Waves of a blue ocean swirled immediately outside the house, turning into a violent whirlpool that sent water crashing through the second story door that I was standing near.

I rushed to close the door as another wave came in.

The puppy was pulled out into the water.

I went out and rescued it but it wasn’t breathing. I pumped its little chest and eventually gave it a few breaths.

I’m pretty sure it came alive…

Not sure what it all means but what a start to the day!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring



So now we’re a bit hungry and thirsty after our big jewel adventure, we head to Buvette in Hotel Realm for a late brunch!

This was a gift but you can have it too for $50.

Yummy savoury treats!

And lots of sweet treats! They were all tasty except the white chocolate which was a bit bland. Standout was the Tiramisu profiterole and mini chocolate fondant.

After stuffing ourselves with such great food all weekend, it was time to head home.

Our weekend away at home was super fun – maybe you can do one in your town!

In the right place now!

After struggling with parking because it’s the last day of the Cartier exhibition and everyone is here, we make it inside the National Gallery of Australia, another Canberra icon. School kids hate it because you end up here at least three times during school!

Up we go!

Oh crap, the line up!

Half way there!

During the wait we saw this beautiful sculpture.

Stunning with the shadow as well.

George W Lambert, 1923-25, originally a war memorial for Geelong Grammar School.

After 45 minutes of shuffling we were finally in the Cartier exhibition.

I’m not sure how I felt about it. Very crowded but the jewels were quite amazing.

I especially liked the Egyptian inspired stuff. Scarab brooch, 1925.

Some beautiful cigarette and makeup cases as well. Persian cigarette case, 1932

Lovely to see, can’t say my life has changed but maybe that was due to crowds and waiting!

Sunny Sunday in the capital

After a pretty good night’s sleep we headed off to pick up a snack brekky at the Bus Depot Markets in Kingston (right around the corner!).

The Canberra Glassworks are in a very cool old building next door.

Inside it was pretty much as cold as outside but lots more fun! Food and things everywhere!

We ended up sharing a cinnamon scroll and a cheese burek- they were Ok but not as yummy as the looked!

We also bought bread for later (always time for bread later) and gnocchi and pesto from a guy who came from Melbourne!

Then we jumped back in the car and off to the National Museum of Australia, where The Cartier exhibition was on. The fog had cleared and it was beautiful!

Sadly though I’d gotten it wrong! Cartier was on at the National Gallery of Australia! Doh!

However we were here and they were having a little Souq festival to go with their exhibition, so we hung out for a bit, checked out some goods and songs, more food (although no tasting this time!)

Plus amazing butterfly!

Back in the car over the bridge again!

Monster food!

Set in the gorgeous Nishikori building, our birthday dinner is at Monster.

So yum!

Food shots are not my forte but here’s a couple.

Wallaby and beetroot with macadamias. The wallaby, which is like a small kangaroo, was not overly strong or gamey. Charcoal on the outside and rare on the inside- great with the beetroot and macadamias!

Pumpkin, pecan, chai, cardamom and smoked maple ice cream. Delicious!

We also had eggplant and goats curd; stracciatella, mushrooms and black garlic; hand cut chips with rustic tomato sauce AND another dessert that tasted incredible! Chestnut, Italian merengue and blueberries. The dark horse of the dessert world, it included merengue shards and layered pastry and was amazing but did not photograph well with the moody Monster lighting.

We were so full after that!

On the way back to the hotel we passed the Carillon, a Canberra icon. I tried a few shots but my goodness it was getting chilly!

Back at the hotel a Great Gatsby night was kicking on and although it was loud coming in, it’s pretty quiet in our room.

Also warm because it’s supposed to be minus six tonight!

Hotel Kurrajong, Canberra

Since it’s for the lovely on her birthday, I picked somewhere we hadn’t been before to stay – and it had to be nice!

The Hotel Kurrajong is a heritage listed building in Barton where Aussie PM Ben Chifley lived and it’s just wonderful Art Deco style from the 1920s.

We’d snaffled some Snowy Mountains smoked trout from Poachers Pantry and topped that up with some cheese and crackers (plus some Pimms!) from the local Kingston supermarket before we arrived.

Settling in for a couple of hours to relax for dinner, we devoured trout and cheese – caramelised onion and thyme (Hunter Bell) with crackers. Delicious snack before we needed to head back into Civic for dinner!

Mr Chifley! (Not the chair)

Crappy photo but lovely entrance!

Canberra- The National Portrait Gallery

Heading across Lake Burley Griffin, we found a tight but free park under the Portrait Gallery. Set since 2008 in the Parliamentary triangle, it houses portraits of prominent Australians.

I love the foyer! It’s a beautiful building.

Inside we see the paid exhibition ‘So fine’ and the free portraits.

‘So fine’ was really interesting. Loved the work!

Ruffles on the Rajah, Bern Emmerichs

(In)visible by Carol MacGregor

Fluted Cape, Bruny Island 1793, Nicola Dickson

The wallpaper behind is also part of the artwork and includes weapons of the native people.

These sculptures are by Lindsey Ivemy after a trip to Antarctica.

So many great portraits but this one is my favourite- Quentin Bryce by Michael Zavros, 2016.

Incredible detail in the flowers and crystal vase!

After a wonderful hour exploring we head to Hotel Kurrajong for a pre dinner snack.

A weekend in Canberra

So if you can’t travel far, travel like a tourist in your own town!

The day was sunny so we first headed toYass Farmers Market, where we spotted yummy fresh veggies, purchased local honey and, a cream bun. It reminded me of 1975 but I think it was more delicious than my Nana’s time!

Purple cauliflower!

We also got some focaccia from a local stall holder which we enjoyed for lunch!

After lunch the real weekend began!

Heading into Canberra, we made a detour to Poachers Pantry, a smokehouse that’s been in the area for years.

Sadly the restaurant was closed but we enjoyed a nice hot chocolate and a wander in the garden.

Next stop, the Portrait Gallery!

This week’s photos

Have been playing around this week but nothing too serious- so busy elsewhere in life!

A beautiful sunrise this morning!

These flowers are giving me so much joy!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring