Back down the coast

We had a very uninspiring lunch at Dornoch – possibly the worst pie ever. Donut was passable.

A stop off briefly at a whiskey distillery – sadly no liqueur.

Great view though! Just near Tain.

Then we decided to have a crack at the Fyrish Monument.

After a false Google maps start we thought we were onto it…

It was pretty…

And we saw a falcon.

But no monument.

Turns out that car park saying it was a three mile walk was the only access. But we did see a beautiful valley!

Home in the rain and dark for a quiet night. Tomorrow nearly six hour drive to Cumbria.

Rainy Tuesday

After such a big exciting day yesterday we had a small sleep in and then headed out into the rain to Dunrobin Castle.

Bridge that we head across to reach the other side of the Loch. In summer there is a Ferry.

The gloom

A church on the way through – Achnagarron/Invergorden area.

Driveway into Dunrobin Castle.

Nice fire as you walk in.

Stag does not approve. Probably because the various Earls of Sutherland have shot a lot of his mates, amongst many other animals. No photos of them though.

No photos allowed inside but snuck this one – there are buildings from 1200s to 1800s making up this castle.

We were allowed to take a picture of the gardens from the windows though.

Heading down more stairs to the garden.

Allison found a friend and fed it a worm.

Beautiful looking castle

Gate out to the sea.

Hedge scale – big!

Yet another gorgeous view of the castle through the garden.

Cute tunnel

This is the museum of macabre stuffed dead shot animals that also had a lot of geological and archeological specimens.

The Pictish stuff is really interesting!

Very much on the sea line here.

Detail at front.

Exit is separate to the entry driveway and then we’re off again!

Calda House ruin

Thirty seconds down the road is Calda House ruins.

View of Ardvrek Castle

Built for the wife of Kenneth Mackenzie second, in 1726, it was bought by the Earl of Sutherland ten years later when they were out of money. Unfortunately the feuding Mackenzie’s burnt it down in 1737 so a Sutherland could not live there.

It’s a shame because it was a modern and luxurious house at the time – three stories with six rooms each.


Amazing new bridge and stunning old scenery!

Water so clear!

Outdoors at the hotel – for warmer weather!

Crazy trees!

‘Track’ towards the bridge.

Finished in 1984, splits across Loch Glencoul and Loch Glendhu.

Stunning architecture!

We saw seals playing along here!

Didn’t want to leave here, it was so peaceful and still.

Thanks to Fi for the photo above!


Off we go towards lunch destination!

Lairg – the entire region

Lairg – Scourie

And then we arrived at the stunning Kylesku!

But first, lunch!

View from the Kylesku Hotel restaurant.

Steak with gigantic scallop!

Kedgeree rice with scallops for Allison. Fi had a massive pot full of mussels!