Motherhood statements 

It’s what Mal is making on TV right now. 

We just don’t believe him. Unaltered convictions on climate change? 


Medicare unchanged. 


Vote up Australia!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 


Boxed in cats

In the meantime

My ears thunder with the beat of my heartIn the meantime 

My chest constricts with every breath 

It feels as if it’s being pressed against by a giant hand

In the meantime I struggle to pull my focus to the present 

As emotions and physical sensations run around my body like boxed in cats

If I could hide I would

From the pinging

The lead

The heaviness

The movement to and fro

The winding tighter

The no boundaries 

In the meantime 

I lie and say I’m fine to anyone who asks

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 


Bad and sad

Sometimes it’s hard to be a person.

It’s hard to be a person in the face of all the bad, inhumane, disgusting and horrible things that people do to each other around the world.

From people decapitating a little of kittens (leaving a grieving mother cat); Orlando losing 49 of it’s citizens; the Standford rapist getting away with it; our own Australian government keeping children and adults in terrible conditions leading to their abuse and often self harm; the refusal of the American gun lobby to admit it has no logic at all to keep supplying it’s citizens with guns that mass kill; a female British MP stabbed and shot and killed in her own constituency; I could go on, and on.

It’s hard to wade through the sludge of humanity sometimes.

I’ve been genuinely angry and sad about these events in the last week/s. Anyone with any sort of depression or anxiety illness is not going to be doing that well right now.

Personally, my life is pretty good – just the usual stresses, nothing exceptional.

But I feel overwhelmed and unable to escape the horribleness that the news feeds show me on an hourly basis.

Plus it’s winter. The weather has been quite rainy. Two of the last three weekends have been wet, forcing us indoors.

Pushing through with chocolate is good, but feeds into my other neuroses. Sometimes it feels like a giant circle.

However, I’m trying to look at the positive things. I have a beautiful lovely; all the kids are healthy; the house is safe and warm (and we bought rugs so that definitely helps!); our kittens are so cute and loving; I have a good job.

Hoping that you too can find the good when there is so much bad around right now.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


What’s nice…

(From Scott Dagostino FB)

Thoughts and prayers are nice 

Gun control and queer rights are better. 

How true of all of us to do the easy things but not get in and do the hard things to make change. 

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring