The new house has a beautiful range of over 40 roses…here are a couple of them.

A lot of them are old fashioned roses that bud and then are spent in one day. One of them has thorns even in the leaves!

Love our new magical garden!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 

A person 

A very different birthday

This year I will be 44. This year is already a very different birthday.

Last year’s birthday was sad. I did catch up with a few people so it was’t horrible. Of course my wonderful family was there to celebrate with me.

But I was quite sad and it didn’t really feel very celebratory. The little bird had disappeared. Work was almost OK but not quite. I was living with my brother and although that was nice, I didn’t have my own space.

Within a few weeks things had changed again, but that particular birthday was flat.

This year I am surrounded by my lovely and her children (and of course my gorgeous girl is here too). In a couple of weeks we will move into a new house to blend our lives and families. My job is completely different and I’m really enjoying it.

Currently I am having a cake made for me and tonight we are having a birthday party. It will be wonderful.  

My life is so different there is no way I could have predicted it a year ago. That I’ve been blessed with this new person in my life and her wonderful children – it would have been impossible to twelve months ago.

I’ve been to New York, Dallas and Bangkok. I’ve driven a new Mazda MX5. I’ve had masses of hot sex. My daughter survived pneumonia. My elbows are recovering.

So I’m lapping up the birthday vibes this year, and even though it isn’t a significant birthday, I feel significantly special because of all the good things the Universe has blessed me with this year.

All the hard things still happen but they fade in memory.

This is why you keep going. Day by day, things can and do change. 

 Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person

Doorway into a new world 

This is actually on the chicken shed at the moment but this beautiful old thing is going to be art inside our new house soon.  

It appears that it was possibly one of the old doors to the original house.

And it will be a new world that I will share with my lovely, her children and of course, my daughter. 

Sometimes it will be just us (oh, those Sunday afternoons!) and other times the house will be full of our wonderful children as well, with all their noise and movement.

Only a few more weeks until moving day, and I cannot wait!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 

A person