Netflix and chill

Well, Netflix at least. (Note, potential spoiler alerts, although I’ve been careful.)

The lovely and I have been sick for ten days with a nasty virus.

Getting through it has meant lots of tissues, a newly full medicine cabinet of ‘try this’ and several seasons of shows on Netflix.

We watched the fourth season of Orange is the New Black. Although we had started it we were only up to ep four so it was like watching it from scratch anyway. I already knew Poussey was going to die so it was not a surprise to me but I had managed to avoid plenty of other spoilers. As usual it was a roller coaster ride of humour and heartbreak for our favourite characters at Litchfield.


Iconic scene from season 4, Orange is the New Black. Netflix

Next up was The Crown – touted to be the most expensive TV show in history. Thank goodness there is a second season because it was incredibly intense as well as informative and we can’t wait for Claire Foy as Elizabeth Regina again. Also the cinematography is EPIC.


Claire Foy as the Queen touring Sydney Australia in 1954.Netflix

Then we watched Stranger Things. Another period piece except it was the less fashionable 80s on show. Fantastically gripping, despite it’s strange topic, we did the whole eight eps in one day. Half the cast were very talented children – the adults mostly just supporting.


Eleven grabs her favs (Millie Bobby Brown). Netflix

All of these shows are incredibly impressive for a number of reasons – originality, writing, strong female characters at the centre.

Yep, we’ve all seen prison dramas but nothing compares to OITNB for creativity. And we’ve all watched shows about the Royals that are often not particularly believable, but The Crown watches the Queen with such intensity and intimacy it’s very different to anything you’ve seen before. Stranger Things, is well, simply a new take on an old theme but again, twists it just enough to keep you guessing.

Key to the originality is the quality of writing – the characters are full, the dialogue is believable and the plot without too many holes in all three shows.

I can’t help but believe that the above two things and the focus on the female characters is the reason they are all so incredibly watchable and even more, addictively bingeworthy TV. They all lack large explosions and car chases (although there is a little one in Stranger Things…) but the shocks and drama are in the dialogue or the person to person action.

Enough has been written about the OITNB characters but Stranger Things and The Crown are still new and only one season old. Their main female characters are intense and understated (Elizabeth, Eleven), or dramatic and buzzing with energy (Margaret, Joyce, Nancy). It’s so wonderful to be able to watch these women (and girls) fill out real people in such a way that is interesting, engaging – real.

Now that I’m back to work tomorrow I’ll be less on the Netflix but will be looking forward to the next binge when these fantastic shows return. Really, if you haven’t seen them, please start watching. Five Toblerone triangles each from me!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring