Little things

It’s been a while since I’ve written because I’ve just not had time at all.

Not that nothing has been going on. Lots has been going on.

The lovely and I have now moved into our new house. We love it here! We can’t wait to get into the garden and we just finished an IKEA wardrobe last weekend. Now we have a built in (because there is no way that sucker is coming out!).

Meanwhile, the kids are adjusting to the new house and their rooms and seem to like it.

There was some processing for me when I tried to offer them a chance to personalise their rooms with a trip to IKEA and they weren’t that keen. Oh, they were keen for IKEA but they just didn’t seem to want anything.

For me, personalising the room is about making the space yours. And that means it’s home. But for them, as I discovered, home and personalising the space is different. Their rooms at their Dad’s place apparently don’t have a lot of customisation either. They don’t really see space in the same way. And I guess since there is five of them they’ve had to work that way for any number of reasons.

While the lovely and I work towards creating a safe and peaceful haven for all of us (depending on if the kittens are sleeping or not…) there are any number of hurdles to jump in the foreseeable future.

The kids are still living in their ‘family’ home with Dad, while we have them here a few nights a week. There are a number of issues with this because we live an hour out of town, and they live almost half an hour out of town…on the other side of town.

So there are some transport issues that have been popping up that are draining and need to be resolved. Further, there is schooling, which while I have agreement with my ex on where our daughter goes, the lovely so far has no agreement for at least two out of the three kids still at school.

The kids themselves are old enough now to have strong opinions about what they want. So it’s going to be some tough negotiations about schools and sporting teams in the future. Some are stuck on the football team they might play for, despite it being completely impractical because they are with us more than an hour away on the day of play. Some are stuck on the school they might attend despite the cost to both parents now that might make that difficult.

Ultimately I can’t do anything but watch and support as many of them as I can as they go through this process. I feel fortunate that the ex and I are getting along now and we agree on our one child. I can’t imagine how challenging it will be for parents who are not really getting along that well to try to keep three of the children and each other satisfied.

Without mountains of money and time, how does one get everyone over the line they want?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person