The wrap up

So I’m finally back and still recovering!

My ankles really swelled up – especially the right one! I had cankles for the first time!

I slept early and pretty well last night.

Today I hung out with my lovely friend and now I’ve got Gab here with me. I missed her! Apparently she did miss me!

What I’d like to say to finish this blog off (for now, hopefully I’ll do another Twitter world tour!) is the meeting the people who I met online, in the flesh, in their towns and spending time with them was definitely the highlight.

I LOVED New York. It really is quite amazing and surreal to be somewhere that you have seen so many thousands of time on TV, in print or at the movies. Standing on the top of the Rockefeller Center and looking out at the NY night skyline was almost unbelievable! How could I be seeing this in the flesh? Well I was, and the flesh was also freezing!!

The High Line was also fantastic. I decided to go there only on getting to NY, but it was so wonderful (although again, freezing cold wind the whole time!), not just because of the concept (recovering a train line) but also the art, and the many textures that were naturally occurring there.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy, with Kristin was fantastic! It was so fitting to be able to watch the show, in real time, with someone that I’d met in the fandom from Twitter! I couldn’t watch it at Annina’s because of her TV, but this was an even better solution! I got to go to Long Island, see Kristin’s town and watch the show at her place. So lovely!

Speaking of Annina, it was just a random chance that I chose her place to stay at for nine nights and I’m so grateful that she was a beautiful, generous host. I genuinely felt welcome and safe, and she also was very helpful with me navigating New York. I found the view from my window every morning just as wonderful as the day before, and will never forget that East River view! Pikkilini was just a bonus – what a beautiful cat and made me feel so at home.

I could rave on about NY for so long! It was a great town, I felt very safe for the most part but I still didn’t totally suss out the subway. I nearly got there!

Dallas was fantastic for the opposite reasons that NY was fantastic! It was warmer, which was great for a break from the freezing cold! Where the apartment was small, the hotel room was spacious! I saw the moon for the first time in a week. And of course there was Ashleigh! We’ve known each other for about a year and she is a fantastic chick. It was very easy meeting her and we had a fabulous time hanging out. The drinking and food were very fine here, as were the laughs!

Finally, meeting Tai in Bangkok was amazing. It was a super long flight so I was so grateful that Tai was there to pick me up from the airport and was the perfect host! Again, we’ve known each other for about a year and it was all very comfortable. Bangkok was more of a spiritual experience for me. I was so privileged that Tai took me to her favourite temple and we got blessed by a monk there. It will remain a special memory for me for a long time!

This trip was a long term goal for me. A full stop to a tough but ultimately rewarding year of growth.

I wanted to wash away not the memories or the decisions, but the pain of my break up and the the grief from both 2013 and 2014. To fill my mind with new sounds, sights and experiences. To refresh.

There is a lot to process and it will take some time, but I feel so blessed to have been able to go, to see New York, Dallas and Bangkok, and to meet so many new people and my wonderful online friends.

I hope that they can make the trip to Australia one day so I can take them around my town and host them as graciously as they hosted me.

I totally recommend packing only one carry on bag…it frees you up and makes it quicker getting through airports! It worked so well I hope I can do it many more times!

For now, I’m signing off this blog, although I hope to regularly return to it to relive my once in a lifetime trip!

I’m back!

I’m back from my trip overseas. It was two weeks of full on experience, newness, meeting new people, meeting people I became friends with on Twitter.

It was also fast, full of long waits in airports and sitting on airplanes. Which sounds odd in the same sentence!

I’m still finding myself again, back at home. I really haven’t processed anything that happened. It’s all gone in but now I need to sort it out, look at the things I did and work it all out.

Some of it will just be about the beauty and art that I saw.

Some of it will be about the fact that I did it at all!

Of course, some will be about the people I met, especially the friends I made on Twitter. These people really were just as beautiful, wonderful and generous as they were online.

And this is my first blog post back on my laptop in two weeks. I’ve been blogging my trip on my phone. And my goodness, it is good to be able to touch type again!!

Anyway, I feel like I really need to finish off my travel blog so I’m heading over there now!

I’ll be back to this one regularly again from now!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person

Heading home

Time to head home! I’ve had a wonderful Twitter World Tour, meeting some of the friends I have found online. Also making new ones (Annina and Alberto xxx)!

I can only say that this has been an incredibly positive and inspiring experience. Lots of very new situations, sights and experiences had. Lots of fun! I feel full to overflowing of thoughts and feelings about it and the people I met. 
Now however, I need to go home and reconnect to myself, my family, friends and my space. Looking forward to seeing my beautiful view again!