Anatomy of a weekend 

So the lovely and I went on a little road trip to one of my favourite places in the world.   

 Temple is the Nan Tien Temple. Water is at Shellharbour. Road shots are Maquarie Pass and Robertson.
Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 

A person 

Splendid days!

I’m super excited. The lovely and I are getting a house together!

It’s been a few weeks of paperwork to get there, but we are almost at the point of no return.

I didn’t think I’d want to share this experience with anyone again. I looked for a house on my own, even when I was already with my lovely. But something was not quite right. Something stopped me from going ahead with a purchase of a very nice house.

I also never expected to share it so soon.

I get why people would thing that after eight months, buying a house together is pretty fast.

However, I just think now that if it feels right, why wait? What would we be waiting for? Apart from someone else’s idea of an ‘appropriate time together’. It’s not like we are twenty with no life experience. Even then, I’d still say do it if it feels right to you.

I’m so looking forward to making her tea in our new kitchen. Spending hours in the garden. Cuddling on the couch in our lounge room. Hanging out with our kids together.

Why would anyone delay that?

What if it doesn’t work out? Well, then we will go through that too. But right now there is no doubt in my mind (or hers) that we will be together for a very long time. And why would I stop doing something just because it might end?

The lovely is such a wonderful gift to my life. I want to spend mine making her the happiest woman I can.

And cutting roses from our (new) garden for her seems like a nice start. I can’t wait!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person

A very short life skill list…

Here’s a bunch of things I know or wish I did.

  1. Make your bed – the lovely does it before she gets out somehow, but even pulling it all up neatly and putting the pillows nice takes about 37 seconds and makes it look nice. This is important for when you want to get in it again.
  2. Learn to back a trailer when you’re young (or any age). Trust me, at some point this will be important and backing a trailer is counter intuitive, so learning it young, say when you’re learning to drive, will mean it’s a done deal later on. Trust me, I learned the hard way!
  3. Write cards or letters – Paloma Faith mentions in a song ‘I asked you for a letter and you sent me an email, have we failed?’ Well yes! Handwrite something nice to anyone you like/love. See where it gets you.
  4. Learn to touch type. You’ll never regret being able to look outside and still be typing away at your thoughts… I learned with Mavis Beacon but there are now heaps of free online tutorials (just Google it!).
  5. Grow vegetables when you can. Home grown tomatoes are the best!
  6. Say no. You don’t always have to go everywhere and be everything. A strategic ‘no’ will help you manage your resources (money, time, energy).
  7. Learn to be happy alone. This is a tricky one because people sometimes have anxiety about it, but there is a wonderful freedom in being happy in your own company. Even at night in the dark. Even when you have nothing to do.
  8. Masturbate. Yes, practice giving yourself pleasure. How are you supposed to teach your lover how to please you if you don’t know yourself?
  9. Say yes. Do things that challenge you. That you know will be hard (but not particularly dangerous). Push yourself a little. The best thing is you can say ‘well I did this (hard thing), so I’ll be able to do this (a different hard thing)’. You are building resilience when you push through something that’s a bit challenging.
  10. Love yourself. This is a hard one because we often have deficits in how we see ourselves. We see our flaws and mistakes more clearly than our beauty and victories. But you’ll be a more lovable person if you learn to love yourself.
  11. Read. Everything you can until you find the worlds that you love to live in.

There are many more life skills – do you have some I need to know?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person

You almost avoided the sprinkle

Again with the Candy Crush!

I’m trying to see what the lesson is here…

If you’re my friend, you can talk to me. If you’re a friend I’ll even take your criticism on board and consider it.

Doesn’t mean I’ll agree with you but I will listen.

I reckon there is only one thing that is true in this world – everyone sees the story from their side. It’s not even necessarily that anybody is lying – they believe what they say is the truth.

That’s why making judgements about someone only based on one side is dangerous.

I don’t expect anyone to take my word without getting follow up information if they want to. When I’m talking about particular things that are happening, they are what’s happening for me.

Regardless of the person or situation, I’m telling my side, which I believe to be true and right.

I’m happy if you don’t believe me (doesn’t worry me at all). Just don’t tell me that I’m lying when I’m telling my truth.

It’s human nature to take sides. I’m just as guilty of it at times as anyone. It’s human.

Although I’ve often been angry, confused and working through things on this blog, I’ve never wished anyone ill.

That’s why I sign off the way I do.

Because I truly just want everyone to be happy. And I want to be happy too.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person