My breast reduction surgery – nipples

So the other day I had my surgical review. They took the tape off my wounds so it was the first time I’d seen my new nipples.

It wasn’t until later the next day that I had a good look at them. I’m not so comfortable with the result as it stands right now. Hopefully things will settle and look more natural at some point, but I feel I bit confronted by the way they look.

They don’t seem to be even and they aren’t round. One of them is mostly round but the other is not really at all. The surgeon looked at them and said he was happy, so does that mean they will improve with time? I hope so.

Looking at them myself though, I feel like they really are Frankenboobs. I feel very self conscious around the lovely. Although I’m happy with the size the way they look for me now is not so good. Hopefully they will improve with time and I have scar reduction to continue with once the tape damage heals.

I’m OK with some scars, I’ve got plenty of them. However I guess I have not prepared myself emotionally for how they might look on my breasts, especially the nipples. In a few more months things will settle and then hopefully I’ll be happier. Right now I’m not inclined to look at them myself, let alone let anyone else have a peek.

Meanwhile I still can’t really do too much until the tape damage heals. I did a few hours of gardening yesterday which got a little sweaty and was not so good for it. Another week of lazing around!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

2 thoughts on “My breast reduction surgery – nipples

  1. YES! Do not fret over what they look like at the moment. They will heal and get better. In fact, my surgeon told me nipples were the last to heal and that takes 9 months to a year. Sounds like a long time but it goes fast. Hang in there and don’t give up or judge yet. You got this. The hardest part is done.

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