My breast reduction surgery – update

Today I had my surgical review. It’s been eight weeks since my surgery.

So the tape was still largely on, which was a bit of a bummer because they took it off – nausea ensued! Unfortunately it had started to affect my skin (although not over the surgery scars thank goodness). Cream on that until it heals and then I get to do scar reduction with silicon tape. I wish I’d been told to take it off earlier and then I wouldn’t be like this – they even had the opportunity because I rang them a couple of weeks ago and told them the tape was still on but they said nothing about it. Anyway, something for you readers to note instead and it won’t be a long time issue.

The surgeon was pretty happy and it was the first time I’d seen my new nipples, even if it was just from above!

They were pretty sore after the tape ripping and they are looking OK according to the lovely. I have still not stood in front of a mirror and looked properly at them yet. Not sure why that is –  maybe I’m scared of what they will be?

I asked the surgeon about the side fat behind the breast- he said there was still some swelling to go but that also there was a lot there beforehand and he’d taken 300mls from one side and 220mls from the other.

It’s true there was a bit of fat there (and everywhere on me right now). But I was not expecting to see so much still there once my boobs were reduced. I will just have to continue to wait and lose weight and see what happens.

Speaking of weight – 850 grams off left side and 725 grams on the left!

Good news is, I can now exercise, although they recommended a double bra. I’m pretty happy about that as I’ve been pretty sedentary for weeks now (although busted out some moves last weekend with no bad consequences except for a foot through the ceiling!).

I have another appointment in five months or so. Another photo opportunity for them and something to aim for me.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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