Wheat free – day 14

Today we had toast for the first time in two weeks. Gluten/wheat free toast.

One of the local bakeries in our small town does gluten free baking so we went for a try.

For a Saturday morning breakfast, it was soooo good with some butter and honey. YUM!

At $9 a loaf, probably not an everyday food though!

We also observed that it made us feel fuller for longer, which is a little bit more bang for your buck at least! It was nice to have it and I’m happy for the family to have a treat in our 30 day challenge! There’s one in the freezer for next weekend (if it makes it!).

I have not observed many changes to how I physically feel, apart from craving chocolate for the last two weeks. Considering there are a number of things going on (meditation, iron deficiency, boob job recovery), it could be any number of things.

It’s possible that my brain is not really addicted to gluten or has that reaction – which would back up that I’ve not ever really been intolerant of it. I wasn’t really expecting much, just wondering how I might feel. Perhaps towards the end I will feel something more?

B1 and B2 have had no respite from their skin conditions, but this could be for other reasons (latex gloves potentially). I haven’t seen or heard them do any bad tummy things though, so this might be something (B2 would regularly get up from the table for a toilet break)?

Everyone else seems the same – however, my daughter is not getting much gluten free time at her other Mum’s place. As someone who has just been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, some of the reading I’ve done indicates it could make a difference for her.

Meanwhile, we are now considering how to manage going dairy (casein) free to test that food group too. Jury is still out, however I know it will be much harder, with milk solids and various dairy in so many foods!

We did enjoy the cauliflower cous cous and lamb koftas for dinner (and lunch) in the last day or so. The food has been pretty good and I’m enjoying it! The kids don’t generally have to think about it too much, but B1 and B2 still seem to be taking it seriously. Dad is getting them through it too, which is great for them. Even if they end up having burritos (with corn chips) two nights in a row (once there, once here).

There are plenty of sweet and fatty things to eat that are gluten free (coconut macaroons anyone?), so I’ll be surprised if any weight was lost this week. Also, a funeral and wake meant the lovely and I ended up probably eating some wheat for lunch this week. However, we aren’t fussed about that so much.

As for some of the reading I’m doing, today I found a very articulate book segment on the gluten/casein free diet for people with autism, written by a lovely 12 year old called Luke.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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