My breast reduction journey – continued

It’s now six weeks since I had my surgery.

The tape is finally coming off and I’m getting a better look at my wounds. They look pretty good!

Yesterday I wore a shirt that I hadn’t worn since before the surgery. I was fairly comfortable with it but then I saw it in a photo…I did not like how it looked.

I’m still coming to terms with the way my body looks now. When I had bigger breasts, my bigger tummy kinda blended.

However now I have less boobs it is more prominent. I’ve spoken about this before and that I was warned that it would be so. But as I’ve also previously mentioned, just being told something and realising it are two different things.

I am used to seeing women with smaller breasts and larger tummies and not really thinking anything about it. I’m not used to myself looking that way. It makes me feel a fair bit larger than I probably am – although I am a fair bit larger than I should be.

I see a lot more of myself these days as there aren’t two big boobs in the way!

What I’m trying to do to head off the negative feelings about this is to imagine that I’m shedding a suit of my previous body. I’m peeling it off and the top part has come but now the rest of it needs to follow. I can have quite powerful, positive and real energetic feelings when I fully concentrate on this exercise. Often I’m naked and jumping into my (new) favourite body of water, the loch at Kylesku. When I jump in, the rest of the suit comes off when I hit the water and I swim down in the calm, light and beautifully clear waters the size that I’m aiming for. The size I’ve seen myself be after some particularly effective hypnotherapy. The size of a healthier me.

I’m impatient though. I want it all to be done now. I know in reality it is a slow journey of small changes to ensure that it all sticks. The good news is that via the breast reduction, I’m two kilos closer to my goal weight!

Just don’t take any photos of me right now.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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