Wheat free April – day six

Or should I say, six days in and we still haven’t murdered each other!

I’m not sure if the cravings I’m having for chocolate are about the cravings for wheat or carbs, but that’s what’s happening with me in the last two days. Lots of chocolate cravings.

Of course, this could be for any reason, including emotional and tiredness.

B1 reported today that she really hasn’t noticed any difference in any of her symptoms yet. B2 has been taking it quite seriously and is yet to report anything extraordinary.

The meals we’ve been eating have been quite delicious though. Last night Asian rice noodles with chicken mince and bok choy. Rice and sweet and sour pork. Tonight BBQ meat and salads. It is definitely forcing us to eat more vegetables! For lunch we had corn on the cob, ham and rice Cruskits! Tomorrow we are making porridge for breakfast.

I have to say, even though I wanted to do both dairy and wheat at the same time, it most definitely is easier just doing wheat! Reading the packaging for ingredients, there are so many things with milk solids in it!

My tummy has not acted any differently than previously. If anything, I might be more sensitive to dairy than I’d like to be. However, due to my gallbladder being removed a couple of years ago, I often have tummy troubles and it isn’t necessarily linked to what food I’ve eaten – I can have the same breakfast two days in a row and one day I’ll have tummy trouble and the next day I won’t!

Anyway, week one is almost done and we are all still going OK without our toast, hot cross buns and cake.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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