My breast reduction surgery – continued

It’s now five weeks and two days since I had my breast surgery.

Mostly it’s fine now and life goes on.

However I’m having a bit more healing pain this week than I have for the last couple of weeks. Not sure if it is because I’m now driving and moving around more or just because, well, things are healing!

The tape is still mostly on, even though it is being chipped away slowly, so I still can’t see any of my wounds directly.

Most of the pain is around my nipples, which react to the air conditioning or sun in the car quite often. So they get too hot or too cold! I guess it is about the contraction and blood flow through the nipple and it’s not terribly painful but it is uncomfortable.

I’ve not bought any new clothes yet, as I’m waiting to see in the next few months if I lose a bit more weight overall.

Most people have now seen me with my new sized breasts and the comments are all positive. I’m still thinking they are a bit heavy but I have to accept that for now and see if things change much in the next few months as swelling goes down.

If you’re having a breast reduction, I hope you find it’s a positive process for you too!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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