Wheat free pantry – nearly

I went through the pantry this afternoon as a friend mentioned it was a good idea while trialling the wheat free experience to only have things in there that people could definitely have.

I ended up with two grocery bags full.

Even fried onion bits had wheat in them! And one product had corn flour made from wheat (what?).

We will leave the fridge a few more days as there are a few things the kids can eat over the next couple of days while we are away.

It will be up to all of us to do good wheat free behaviour on Sunday before we come back together again in the afternoon.

The lovely made a yummy pasta dish tonight and it really hit the younger kids that they would not be having this for the next thirty days! And suddenly Weetbix which almost never gets eaten is being sadly remembered! They were quite excited about the potential for Rice Bubbles though!

I’m excited to be doing this but also wondering what effect it will have on myself personally and also my daughter. I’ve got an agreement from my daughter’s other parent that she will try to do less wheat options for her while she is there.

What if it turns out that I have some sort of intolerance? I’m definitely not allergic as I’d definitely know that by now! I find it unlikely however you never know! What will it do to how I feel physically? Will it have an effect on me mentally or emotionally? Will I have cravings?

According to The Wheat Belly I probably will, because I’ll still be having some grains. And also will have some withdrawal symptoms. However, evidence is a little sketchy on whether opioids actually are an issue in wheat and milk.

It sounds like I can expect to possibly feel a little off in the first week. Which means everyone in the family is going to feel a little bit off in the first week – YIKES!

We are really going to have to work on communicating and staying focused – we are doing this for a reason, even if it’s only two of us who have the actual health problems. Eating slightly less refined carbs is not going to be bad for anyone and I think it will be good to be looking for alternatives (even if I’m craving a big bowl of cheesy pasta).

And note, this is wheat (and yeast) free, not gluten free. We still might end up with some gluten in our diets in the next 30 days.

Only a couple of days to go!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,




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