The trend and experiments

The trend is down which is nice! I’ve been tracking my weight for a year now and the trend is continuing down.

Earlier in the week I wrote about whether managing my stress and desserts would help and there was a 300gram drop this week. Considering I can’t really exercise very well at the moment, this is very encouraging!

We are continuing to meditate and are about to go on a wheat free 30 day trial in April (not that that has anything to do with weight loss for us). The family has backed off doing both wheat and dairy, which I’m a little bummed about but I’m still going to minimise my dairy as much as possible during that time as well. I’ve been doing it already by eating dry granola and fruit because I forgot to go buy yoghurt this week, so I’m already getting good at it!!

It starts on Easter Sunday, so that will really impress the family – no more hot cross buns, toast for breakfast or pasta meals!

I’ve investigated some wheat free breakfast alternatives and there are a couple of paleo biscuit things we can certainly try. We need to find a spiraliser to make vege pasta and I’m sure we will do cauliflower rice at least once in the month! We only have them half the time so the other parents will also have to go on this journey. We hope they can support the children (especially B1 and B2’s Dad) but ultimately we can’t actually enforce anything.

We shall see what happens as the experiment unfolds!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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