My breast reduction surgery – continued

It’s been exactly four weeks since my surgery.

Today I had a major bra fail.

The bra I bought on Monday afternoon did not suit me in the end. I put it on this morning and it was firm and OK but within a half an hour it was getting way too tight on my shoulders near my neck. I thought, I’m not sure about this one, I might have to take it back, but not really worrying about doing it straight away.

By the time I got to work I was feeling dizzy and almost sick. I thought I might faint!

Fortunately the store I bought it from was open within 20 minutes so I headed there and went in as soon as it opened.

I’m sure it was a bit of a shock to the store woman that I rushed in there but I was kind of panicking by then. She was super helpful though, and after explaining the situation from Monday to her, she got to getting me new bras to try.

It took half an hour but we finally settled on one – a maternity bra that is a 14E. CRAZY! I didn’t really care because at least I wasn’t going to pass out! However this situation is a little weird and leads me to believe two things.

Firstly, that women serving women in bra shops don’t really have any idea about breast reductions or what they might mean. This is a training issue. I’m sure it doesn’t happen every day but still, it can’t be that uncommon!

Secondly, bra manufacturers do not make enough bras of all kinds for fat women with small boobs. They might have small boobs because like me, they’ve had them reduced or they might just have been naturally endowed that way. I know one of my ex’s had a tough time finding an 18C a few years ago – yet I see tons of women around with bigger bodies and smaller breasts.

I’m not sure what the exact future of my boobs will be size wise, but it’s really annoying to go in and not be able to get something that suits, especially at this time when it’s important I have the exact right support and compression.

I guess for now I’ll just be wearing the compression garment without much hope of interchanging it much.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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