My breast reduction surgery – continued

It is now 24 days since my surgery.

I returned to work three days ago. Due to the travel, I only did a half day of four hours and that seemed to be a good time limit, as towards the four hour limit I started to get pretty sore boobs and felt quite fatigued. I resisted a nap but did rest in the afternoon.

Felt fine the next morning. Had a shorter day again – a bit longer than four hours but still not a full day. I didn’t feel as tired this time, or sore.

Then I worked from home on Friday and did a full day. I was a bit tired but otherwise pretty good, so I’m pretty happy with how that went!

And how did they react? Well they all pretty much knew what I was up to. Some were funny and didn’t look, while others totally looked. I gave them permission to have a gander and we had a chat about it and then got back on with work. They have been very supportive of this journey which I’m very appreciative of. Some others who didn’t know were like ‘oh, I thought you’d just lost weight!’. I said ‘I have, two kilos off the front of me!’

I’m almost completely back to side sleeping. My left side needs a slight adjustment still but the right is good to go.

I’ve had a couple of drives now, but still have to stop after about 15 minutes – it’s a bit tricky with the bumps and the seatbelt. I keep forgetting a pillow! However, another couple of days and I’ll have a crack at it again on Monday morning.

I need to look for another sports bra so I can wear a bigger range of clothes! I’ve also started using the next hook along to do up my compression garment, as it seemed a bit loose. It’s quite comfortable like this now – not like the first week – so perhaps some of the swelling is finally going down.

Most things have returned to normal, although I’m still not lifting super heavy things or have done any major walking or gardening yet. Perhaps I’ll have a bit of a play this weekend?!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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