Breakfast and other experiments

Since meeting the lovely and her many children I’ve changed a few things. One of those things is breakfast. It often looks something like this –

Believe it or not, this is an under-serve of natural yoghurt (110 instead of 150grams because whoa, that’s a lot of yoghurt), a medium banana and 50 grams of Gran OH laaah from the Byron Bay Bakehouse. I could therefore work out the calories involved but I’m not really interested in that.

It’s a massive feed. I used to not eat that much at breakfast, especially during the week – a hot cross bun, a piece of cafĂ© loaf fruit bread, a couple of slices of white toast. Which then meant I was having morning tea snack in between breakfast and lunch. This rarely happens now. AND it means I get my piece of fruit in early!

Also another change – I used to eat fruit periodically and now I eat it almost daily. That my habits have changed are down to a few things – some hypnotherapy, the lovely and her many children, the imperative to do better for myself and my daughter. They eat a lot of different things for breakfast – namely leftover curry or tuna and rice or a yoghurt, muesli and fruit combo similar to this one. Since I’m not much for curry at breakfast, the combo it is! Of course we often have different things on the weekend like eggs on sourdough or pancakes.

Why do I tell you this rather uninteresting information? To preface that another experiment is about to take place! I’m all up for experiments but this one has a purpose and it is for the lovely’s B1 (20yo female) and B2 (14yo male), who have some skin and tummy issues that persist. The lovely has been talking to a naturopath who suggested a 30 day wheat and dairy free period to rest the body and see what happens.

Such a dietary change will have an impact on the whole family, and in solidarity the lovely and I are bringing everyone else along, kicking and screaming. It won’t hurt any of us to go without dairy or wheat products for 30 days and who knows, we might even enjoy it! That bit will probably be a step too far for my daughter, who with Asperger’s will probably struggle with some of the food changes.

Meanwhile, what exactly is the point of dairy and wheat free?

Firstly, is wheat free and gluten free the same? No, it’s not. You can be wheat free and still be eating food that contains gluten. We do know B2 seems to react to Vegemite, which contains both yeast and gluten. He could be in for some big lifestyle changes if this works out for him. This article from CSIRO but mostly the comments are worth a read.

Meanwhile, do you know how hard it is to find information on what the point of going dairy and wheat free is aside from the general statements of ‘feeling better’?!

Note that we are not doing this for weight loss. Yes, a few of us (but actually not B1 or B2) could lose a few kilos and if that happens, well great. What I’m interested in is how ‘well’ we feel, if we sleep better, if we feel more alert. To that end, I want to develop some sort of measurement for myself and anyone else who wants to do it to see if we have had any improvements in said areas of our lives over the 30 days, which starts in April. So Easter fun can happen in the first half of the holiday and then that will be it!

I think one of the many reasons (and each individual has a different reason DNA) that humans are currently the most obese and unhealthy that we’ve been is because there are so many commercial interests keeping things suitably confusing for most people to really understand, and of course, making food that is bad for you taste really, really good (and addictive).

I might explore that further offline, as I suspect this is a long enough post considering it’s taken me two hours to write so far!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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