My breast reduction surgery – continued

It is now 17 days since I had surgery.

I am pretty much pain free at this point – the ache in my right breast stopped a couple of days ago.

Now it is all about the healing itch, especially my nipples but also, weirdly, on skin that has healed from the previous dressing damage.

I also have this weird thing where my old stretch marks seem to be hard. This was evident from the start, just after surgery but has mostly disappeared. There is no pain attached but it is like they have been filled with something, making them rigid and now there are still a few bits of them with lumps and bumps. I presume these will dissipate as well, since it has mostly resolved. Not something I was aware might happen though!

It’s still hard to know how much to do. I’m up to hanging washing on the line this morning on the bottom line (we have an old fashioned line with three lines) so I don’t need to raise my arms at all.

I’m not lifting too much heavy stuff at all yet but feel like I should start building up again soon. Not weight lifting, but just things like slightly heavier grocery bags or our cats – who weigh between 5-8 kilograms each (there are three, I might start with Rosie as she is the lightest!).

I do feel almost ready to go back to work but am still wary of the driving. I haven’t yet driven at all and the lovely is very insistent that I not just yet. Only because she is protective and not really because I don’t feel like I can, because I’m pain free and that is the main issue with driving (needing to take sudden corrective action or limiting your movements due to pain) from a legal perspective. From a boob perspective, it is about that bounce, bounce, bounce on the road! Short trips I just hold them (like three minutes up the road to my parent’s house) but longer ones I’ve still used a pillow.

We have a show on in town tomorrow, so I’m going to catch the bus in (a bit over an hour) to go to that and then we will drive back afterwards. Dinner and a show sounds nice, especially since this one is a comedian called Ursula Carlson and she is SUPER funny.

So that will be another test, as I haven’t travelled that far in a car since the dressing change nine days ago.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

3 thoughts on “My breast reduction surgery – continued

  1. You are doing great! Baby steps at this moment. The “bounce” will get better. I promise. I think by month 2-3, I didn’t even notice it anymore. You can always wear a sports bra over your compression bra. That helps.

    Driving is something that is up to you. My doctor advised as long as I was taking pain pills I shouldn’t drive. Once I was off pain pills around day 5, I went back to driving. Slowly around the town here – nothing major. Mostly backroads to get to everywhere.

    Now is the time to be nice to you. Healing takes a lot of time – just go with it. And lumps and bumps are normal. I still have a couple at this point. Remember you’re doing awesome. ♥️


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