My breast reduction surgery – continued

So I just wrote about how my breasts and I were feeling two weeks post-op.

But what do they look like?

They still look swollen, although somehow slightly less so.

I can see through the current dressings to the dark stitches underneath.

There are a lot of dressings – glass ones they called them at the surgery (although googling it I couldn’t find anything similar so they must be called something different in reality) – around my nipples, which are there for better scar healing.

The other cuts (plus the nipples) are covered in a breathable tape to keep it all together. This is supposed to last for two to three weeks (if possible).

There is still plenty of glue from the previous dressings stuck close to the tape, as I’ve been unwilling to disrupt it and it doesn’t seem to be bothering my skin at the moment.

There is also still plenty of purple texta lines over them as well! Also far too close to wounds to try to wash off!

Some yellow bruising in the body of the breasts.

My right nipple pokes out of the tape relatively erect in a soft way and is incredibly sensitive to touch – not in any pleasurable way.

My left nipple is completely flat – a product of a lot of tape and dressing I think. It has zero sensitivity – I can’t feel it at all.

I was a little worried about this as I’m conscious of nipple death being a risk, so I rang the surgery to ask a couple of questions. Always worth asking and not sitting around worrying! The lovely Tran reassured me that as long as the nipple was pink it was not dead, and that in the four years she’d been with the surgery, there had been zero nipple deaths. A comforting thought!

She also reassured me that it is quite common for nipples to be either quite sensitive or quite numb due to the operation itself and that all the nerves have to heal. It could take up to 18 months for them all to get themselves sorted.

So there is the nipple nitty gritty at the two week mark!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

4 thoughts on “My breast reduction surgery – continued

  1. You should check my latest posting on nipples. Being 4 months post-op, I can tell you nipples are the last to heal. Mine are sparking back to life these days. They like to come “up” to play at the strangest times – for example while taking a general ledger class in accounting. I’m sure the instructor was slightly amused. Time – it takes time. Hang in there. Oh and did I mention it’s extremely painful when they come up. LOL.


    • Hehehehe yep I read your post – very informative! I don’t do accounting but perhaps it will be my project management study that will set them ablaze (metaphorically speaking!)

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