My breast reduction surgery – continued

I’ve just had a wash and the lovely washed my hair for me. I’m not allowed to shower because I can’t get the dressings wet AT ALL. I’m feeling only slightly shaky and pretty much human!

This is the first day that I have not been an emotional wreck after taking off the compression bra for the wash. I was fairly neutral, which is an upwards direction to two days ago. There are quite a lot of bruises that I see now on my breasts but they don’t hurt.

What is driving me a little crazy is the dressings themselves. Considering it’s seven days post op I’ve not done too badly but my skin hates these things and gets a rash. Suffice to say I have a rash and the itch that goes with it. Although I’m obviously not doing anything to endanger the dressings themselves, I have peeled some of the very large edges off my skin (note – this is NOT skin that has any wounds attached) to ease the irritation. I have two more days until my dressing appointment with the surgeon, so I should be able to make it but I will be very happy when they come off. Not sure what will go back on again – hopefully smaller ones that don’t touch good skin!

It should be noted that these are the sensitive dressings as I was very clear about the irritation before I went in and the surgeon assured me we would be using the sensitive ones. I’m just one of the lucky ones that gets irritation.

Anyway, apart from the occasional deep bruise pain from the compression garment, the itch is the worst thing about this experience so far. Discounting of course, the first few days of strong pain which is to be expected.

I think the ‘nocebo’ effect has been avoided, which is what I was aiming for! I wrote about Nocebo and my aim to minimise it.

It’s interesting to me that you can be in quite some pain one day and then less than a week later, almost no pain at all. The human body is quite miraculous.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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