My breast reduction surgery – continued

It’s now one week since surgery.

This time last week I was already in the waiting room. Everyone else had gone in by the time they called me shortly before ten am. Gwen Stefani was playing in the next waiting room. For the last week I’ve had What you waiting for stuck in my head!

Once gone from this room, after putting on my super looking gown, socks and hat (yes I do have a photo, not I’m not posting it!) the lovely left for breakfast and I went into the theatre waiting room, where I spoke to the anaesthetist.

She was a very nice woman and we talked about gardening while she found veins and put the rather large cannula needle into the back of my hand. We talked about pain relief for after the operation.

Then the surgeon came in and drew on my breasts with a purple texta. We talked again about how much he would take – I really wanted a C cup but he reiterated what he’d said all along, which was that he would take as much as he could bearing the nipple nerve and also how it would look. I just wanted at least half of them gone.

I lay back down on the bed and Carmel came in and gave me what I think she called happy juice into the cannula. It was 10.07am. I could hear the theatre staff joking around behind me.

I remember nothing else until waking up in the hospital room – blissfully a single room. I have had previous recollections of the recovery room, but not this time. I had a full oxygen mask on and I looked for the lovely and she was there. It was about 2pm.

Drifting in and out of sleep, pressing the PCA for the pain, eventually the nurse, who was stern but kind, asked if I wanted a sandwich.

I’ve had a few lots of post operative sandwiches, and my opinion of them all is that they are the best sandwiches you’ve ever eaten, regardless of filling or bread type! These particular sandwiches were quite gourmet and delicious and I enjoyed them a lot. Simple pleasures apparently!!

My first impression of my newly reduced breasts were good. They looked quite small from where I was looking laying down, compressed as they were in the black surgical garment I had arrived in from the theatre. Like a ‘super’ bra, it had hook/eye connections up the front and on the shoulders and was very firmly in place. It was tight but not uncomfortably so.

Later I had a look in the mirror at my new shape. It was hard in that groggy state to really appreciate it but my breasts were definitely smaller!

Part of my operation was some liposuction down the sides of my breasts to take out some of the excess fat and breast tissue that would not look so good next to my newly sized boobs. While this showed no bruising that first day, it would turn very bright purple and painful in the next couple of days, and has actually been the cause of most of the pain I’ve felt so far. The compression garment presses on the bruises and is quite uncomfortable!

At seven days post op, I have yellow and purple bruises under my arms and just under my breasts, with a triangle of clearing magenta bruise in between them. Part of me would love to know what the hell caused them all and then part of me does not want to know at all!

Having this new shape has caused me to consider many things about my body, weight and worthiness, which I will write about in more detail in other posts.

For the time being, the lovely’s oldest daughter came for a visit yesterday and she said ‘they’re bigger than I expected’ which we all laughed at but it’s true, they are. She is herself a double D. I think I am now a D cup.

I’ve put a lot of detail about the operation process here because it helped me to know what might happen, and so in a small way I hope to help someone else on their breast reduction journey as well. I also recommend My Breast Reduction Journey, as I found some of the more practical things to expect helpful!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

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