My breast reduction surgery – continued

Today is Friday and it’s two days since I’ve had my breast reduction surgery. I’ve been managing the pain pretty well – started out with a PCA and the next morning went onto Endone and panadol. I’m already trying to slow up on the Endone as it makes me sleepy and queasy.

The trip home was mostly good but roadworks slowed us down and the smell of the tar tipped me over the edge, so I ended up vomiting on the side of the road – dark green bile. Gross.

As I’m not allowed to get the dressings wet, I can’t shower, so the lovely gave me a bit of a rub down. This is the first time I have taken off my black compression bra since they put it on in theatre. The bruising is quite severe in between my breasts and they look odd shape. No doubt that is from the swelling but it is a little disconcerting.

I had to lay down half way through the rub down as I felt quite nauseaus from the pain – or the connection to the pain. This feeling has eased now.

I was pretty happy with how they were looking but now I’ve seen them out of the compression I’m worried again. Has he taken enough for it to be worth it? It looks like a decent amount from the top but from other angles, not as much. There is nothing to be done now though – I just have to get better.

I hope I can sleep better tonight, as it was quite a loud night here with revving cars and fighting possums. The poor lovely is similarly tired. She has been looking after me very well today, considering she’s had her own appointments and pain to deal with.

The surgeon said it all went well and that he took nearly 800 from each breast and 300 (grams or mls) from under my arms. An amount that he described as ‘a lot’. So over a kilo each side. It’s still very early days and I’m still quite tired and emotional about things. I just hope it’s going to work out.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,

3 thoughts on “My breast reduction surgery – continued

  1. Way to go! The worse part is over. They will look odd shaped for some time. Don’t fret over it. They have a lot of healing to go through. I’m almost four months post op. It takes time for the breasts to go down from the swelling, to settle and conform. Just be patient and always wear your compression bra at this point. That helps a lot. Good luck to you ♥️


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