Relay for life

Here’s mine…

Entertained guests until 10.40pm

Cleared up with the lovely until 11pm

Study assignment until 11.50 then say goodbye to lovely, get ready and head up to Walker Park.

Get the rundown from Nathan and decide to do fifty laps. The team has done around 500. A friend recovering from prostate surgery did nearly 100. Can’t go less hard than 50!

Start at 12.02am

50-40 in 26min (12.28)

39-30 by 12.49 3.6kms

Mid back staring to hurt at 28 to go

27 bandaid on toe and water in mouth and on tshirt (accidentally – tried to get water out of goon bag. Lucky it wasn’t red wine).

1.02am I’m on 25 to go!

29-20 by 1.16am

Feet are fairly sore and right knee is complaining a little but still ok

18 to go and mid back is back

14 to go had to get the umbrella

11 to go and rain really coming down

19-10 by 1.39am

6 to go I got towel to keep warm. Still raining

9-0 2.00 still raining

50 laps, 8.9km.

Seems weird that I got faster but once I worked out about 44 to go how long it was going to take me I needed to get cracking. Also I did the maths wrong.

Wishing all who are affected by cancer at this time many blessings and love


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