My breast reduction surgery – continued

One of the things I’m finding interesting is the preparation required for the surgery. I’m normally on a daily anti-inflammatory for my previously written about elbow and shoulder issues. I’ve been on it for years and have rarely been off it.

Now I’ve had to go off it for nearly two weeks before surgery and it’s interesting to discover what my body does without it.

It hurts a lot more!

But in places that are not the injury sites. My fingers and toes have some pain (only 1/10 but there) and ankles too. The bottom of my feet are much more tender (I have planta faciitis) and my right knee is definitely more unhappy. It’s like I can feel every muscle being tight in my upper body where I couldn’t feel them before.

I went and had a full body treatment with my regular practitioner a couple of days ago and was interested (again) to observe how that went. The immediate time afterwards I felt like I was full of lead! All over heaviness and fatigue. I got past that and didn’t need to take any pain meds to go to bed (paracetamol is fine pre surgery if I need it).

I work from home some days and that was the next day after the treatment. My elbow was a ball of pain, but it is flared up and that was to be expected. I was a little shoulder sore by the end of the day but not too bad. Overall, I am impressed!

This morning my elbow is a bit more settled, but that will change with activity as expected. However, I’m still feeling generally good.

So I’m wondering, will I go back on the daily anti inflammatory? Should I move to something more topical, like a cream for my elbow and neck when they get sore? Can I eliminate some of the more inflammatory foods that I currently eat to help? And no, giving up chocolate is still probably not an option!

What are these foods anyway? I went searching on the interweb and looked at reputable pages like Harvard Medical School. This particular article very simply states the foods (groups mostly) that can inflame or be anti-inflammatory for your body.


Sooooooo, I have pretty much eliminated soda (fizzy drinks for us Aussies). Lard translates to margarine and I definitely don’t eat that poison! However, bread is my BAE and I love a fried bit of potato!

On the plus side, I love tomatoes and eat them all the time (grow them in the garden is best!) and love salmon. I eat more fruit than I ever have at this point in my life, but not always those particular ones. Coffee freaks will be comforted by the words ‘may protect against inflammation’, but I don’t drink it so that doesn’t help me!

Last year I worked on leaving behind sugar in my tea (down to the first one of the day now) and fizzy drinks (I still have the odd one at a work lunch or as a mixer in a cocktail).

So aside from putting in more fish meals (and that’s a whole other post on our ethical dilemma with food production), I need to leave behind my fries, which to be fair, are becoming less of a treat food and more of a regular occurrence in the last decade of my life. As a child, they really were just an occasional treat. In the last seven days I can count three times I’ve eaten chips!

In the last six months, bread has been replaced by cereal, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast most weekdays. I still feel like a eat a lot of bread though – will have to get the numbers on that by journaling food intake again.

This surgery can do more for me than just halve my boob size. This pill free time beforehand has opened my eyes to how much pain my body is in and my extra kilos don’t help that at all! Now to incorporate some of this learning into practice (slowly and surely so it sticks!)

The journey continues.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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