My breast reduction – continued

I’ve already written that I’m heading for a breast reduction. Well now the time is nigh. Just over a week to go and I’ll be under the surgeon’s knife.

I’ve had thoughts in the last few weeks about whether my breasts are really that big that I have to do this. It’s not like a need a wheelbarrow or anything!

But of course they are. They may not be as big as some (I’m an F, for the record) but they are big and they have caused (among other factors) issues with my posture, my shoulders and neck.

They have caused psychological distress, when people (99% men) look at them. As a lesbian, I’m not that keen on the male gaze.

And as previously discussed, they’ve never given me much physical pleasure – nipple sensation is pretty much zero.

However it will be a bit of a shock to have them smaller. I’ve no real concept of what that will feel like to me. When I look at myself, how will I see these new, smaller boobs?

(For the record, I just spent about half an hour or more looking through photos to find one with my (clothed) boobs but got caught up looking at pictures of the lovely and our cats and sunsets. Could not find the specific photo that I wanted.)

Will I look weird? I will still have the rest of my overweight body, but with smaller breasts to go on it. Will I feel weird? For the longest time I’ve been contemplating this surgery, I’ve also resisted because I didn’t want to look out of proportion. Now I’m less worried about that, but it’s still a little bit nerve-wracking.

A man friend, who can be a little blunt, made a comment about losing my stomach once I’m recovered. I’m quite careful about this, I want to be sustainable and be able to maintain my weight as I lose it. It’s why it’s been very slow and I’ve focussed on the trend, rather than the actual number. However I know there are many other things that I could be doing to pull some more off – like not eating dessert almost every night! It’s a whole other post, this issue!

Will the scars be very prominent? They could be, depending on how I heal. My last little ‘surgery’ was a couple of moles removed and initially they had prominent scars but are settling now, so I imagine that it will be the same with this surgery, just on a much larger scale. One of the reasons I choose this surgeon was his technique involved less cutting and therefore less scarring.

I’m excited to be able to start running again in a few months though! And seeing how my wardrobe needs to be adjusted – apart from a few t-shirts on our trip, I haven’t bought anything for quite some time. It does seem a little weird to think that the bras I’ve got will fit me on Monday but not on Tuesday!

So a bit over a week out, and that’s how things are at the moment. This week I’m trying to fit a few fun things in with friends and the lovely because I know I’ll be out of action for a bit. First proper run of the new boobs will be a friends wedding four weeks post surgery, but that will be another post!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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