Apple fail

You know what’s really painful? When you have an issue and you research it and find that people have been having the SAME issue for nearly four years and Apple has done nothing about it!

Very frustrating to have taken photos in black and white (some of which I’ve posted here) for an art project and then when I download, the photo is in colour with a filter file next to it.

Reading through six pages of discussions that started from 2013 and went until late 2016, the issue was not solved for everyone by iCloud or various different and cumbersome ways of importing.

I don’t even like iCloud because I don’t want every file on every device, however I felt pushed into it when I opened this last phone (iPhone 7 plus). Then while I was away, I took over 7000 photos which of course could not all fit on my allocated iCloud allowance, so I had to pay for an upgrade so that I knew it would be backed up in case anything happened to the phone. My intention is to cancel that payment now that I’m back and all the photos are on my laptop.

Anyway, rant over, I’ve got to work something out which is really annoying but what can you do?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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