Moral panic indeed

Just read Benjamin Law’s essay – Moral Panic 101 Equality, acceptance and the Safe Schools scandal in the Quarterly Essay.

I don’t normally read academic literature but I wanted to support Law and the magazine around this issue.

I didn’t learn much new, having aquatinted myself with the facts around Safe Schools a long time ago.

However having it laid out as it unfolded is another depressing litany of rampant homophobia that I was hoping had died in my thirties.

Yet here I am near 46 and still people are insisting that there can’t be anyone different than gender male/female heterosexuals in the world and if there are, well, then they are deviant or even worse, just don’t know themselves.

Read the essay – it’s 86 pages are easily eaten in a few hours. Learn and grow and be less afraid.

After all, you wouldn’t say it was wrong for people of colour to ride the front of the bus now, would you?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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