Stupid survey argument 

I’m still mad… Facebook post today…

If you haven’t voted yet and you intend to vote no, please consider this-
No traditions will be changed (it’s the civil marriage Act we’re talking about) not religious and PS traditions change CONSTANTLY otherwise you wouldn’t be working Sundays and living together before heterosexual marriage.
No religious freedoms will be hurt (religion can already make legal choices about employment etc re LGBTIQ people).

No children will be harmed (look into it FOR YOURSELF and you will see Safe Schools was never ‘dangerous’). If you think LGBTIQ people are pedophiles, you are not looking at the facts around child abuse statistics (Dad’s are more likely to abuse their children than strangers – pretty crap eh?)
Now, knowing all that, are you still ticking the No box?

That means you think you are more worthy of legal protection and recognition than me. That you are better, higher, more important with more special relationships.

Not true you say? 

Then tick YES. 

Otherwise don’t pretend to me it’s for the above reasons which are not reasons at all. 

And yes, I’m still hurting and my children are hurting and my LGBTIQ friends are hurting and if you love me and you are not hurting, then do you really love me, or just who you think I should be?

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