Oh my Lady Gaga I’m so over this

Yet again this government has put aside a straight out (no pun intended) parliamentary vote on marriage equality.

The apparent success of many countries that have already done it seems to elude the members of Australia’s 45th Parliament.

Malcolm, the man who has completely abandoned his previous principles (marriage equality, climate change) and capitulated to the religious right of the party to keep pushing this ridiculous plebiscite idea, despite Australia telling him for free what they think about it (they either are for it or don’t care in the largest percentage over those who object – just Google it).

Why does it matter so much?

Is it because the plebiscite itself won’t bind the parliamentarians to actually vote yes to change the Marriage Act? That’s right, all the country is being asked to do is say we want you to vote, not actually we BIND you to vote, in a particular way.

Is it because as same sex couples we pay like straight couples do, but we can’t marry and have the same rights as them?

Is it because my brother can marry but I can’t, simply because of the gender of my partner?

Is it just because it’s 2017 already and Ireland has done it? Malta even! And I don’t see anything terrible happening anywhere in any countries that have legalised it that can be attributed to it (awful bankers and polluting, tax avoiding multinationals but not happily married lesbians).

Is it because it is a choice I simply can’t make for no real reason, except that John Howard decided to change it (without any plebiscite or discussion with the Australian public in the slightest)?

Or perhaps it’s because the debate is going to be particularly toxic and destructive to all gay and lesbian families? Let’s not forget that children of LGBTIQ will be de-legitimised (at the very least) by this debate, not to mention young people bought low (see Hannah Gadsby’s account when the debate raged around legalising of homosexuality in Tasmania).

Regardless, it is well time that the government (of any persuasion) should just get on with it and make us all equal in the eyes of marriage legislation, which after all is a State law, not a religious one.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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