As I was photographing a spider web on my walk this morning I wondered how many others had even seen it.

Then I wondered how many others experience these moments of nothing more than experiencing the beauty of something – nature, art, a feeling.

And what happens when we don’t have enough of these moments of pureness?

I think that part of today’s societal issues is that lack of the pure moment. The time spent being completely there and appreciating one thing. Without these moments, connecting us the world around us, we become isolated and too much inside our own heads.

Even on the same walk I noticed I had switched from being in there to being somewhere else in my head – the very thing I was trying to avoid!

It isn’t easy being present. There are many distractions. Ear buds in listening. Watching phones and working on laptops. TV, Netflix – there are so many shows to watch! Work, family, money, politics.

So many things to think about!

But if you don’t get out of your head occasionally and see something – just one thing like a spider’s web in the grass, reflecting in the morning sunlight – you are going to get lost down that rabbit hole of over stimulation, exhaustion, depression and anxiety.

I’m sure there are lots of things that you can do to disconnect and have a pure moment – don’t seek it, it’s not a competition! – but it costs no money and very little time and does not require a group, a practice or anything more than simply looking up and seeing the person you love – and feeling that love for them.

I wish for you all the pure moments in the world.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring

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