Keller’s Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde

Don’t ask why but we are watching Married at first sight on channel 9. Discussion for another day! But here is my thoughts on an incident that happened tonight.

Keller has demonstrated that he is a violent and abusive drunk.
He demonstrates the reasoning of misogyny where women are either bad or good, by the way they interact with men. His own one night stands didn’t mean anything, but yet Bella somehow should be shamed for her sexuality. Yes, Bella pushed his buttons and Michael made unfair comments about his tattoos and employment. 

But someone in control is going to walk away. 

It’s good that Keller could come around and see he’d messed up. He was man enough to apologise and that’s very positive. 

However, he has a bit of a way to go to show that he is safe and trustworthy to Nicole.

This stuff is the very thing domestic violence survivors will all be red flagging. He needs some help and I hope he gets it. 

Wishing you the happiness the Universe can bring 


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