Would you like hypnosis with that?

I’ve documented before about my struggle with my weight and with food.

I’ve decided to have a crack at it again, this time not a diet or an exercise plan at all (for now). I’m trying hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is used to get to the emotions of why we do things – eat, smoke, gamble, whatever your addiction might be.

I know other people who have tried hypnotherapy for weight loss and it didn’t seem to work. However, I was willing to give it a crack.

So far I have had one session. Turns out hypnotherapy is a bit like a guided mediation. My hypnotherapist, who has a career in mental health nursing and a post graduate certificate in hypnotherapy, says that done right, it should take no more than three sessions to sort me out.

This is because she is going to teach me how to do it myself, so I have that skill to reach in and search for any emotion about anything, anytime.

I guess we will wait and see about that but for now, I’ve done my first session. Although my ‘stuff’ was pretty scared and put up a fair fight, I did reach an emotion about food, which I described as desire.

When I was clearing it (via breath), the words attached to that emotion were not just ‘I want it’ but also ‘why can’t I have it’.

I found this quite interesting because really, my lack has been very little in this life for food or otherwise.

So I was wondering why that particular emotion (and there must be more attached to food for me), was there. Was it that I wanted the good stuff that I perceived as a child that my mother or father was eating? Did I feel like I didn’t get enough of the good stuff? Was I restricted as a child that I felt was unfair (but as an adult you would not see it that way)?

Further, what am I now doing to my child in denying her various foodstuffs that we all know are ‘treat’ or ‘naughty’ foods? Her struggle is already begun, being overweight and conscious of it, as well as being monitored for it by a pediatrician.

I’ve asked myself if I feel all that different, and the answer is – not really.

I came home from the session and cooked a cake, which we all shared for afternoon tea.

I haven’t really stopped eating anything or doing anything much different. I’m still in love with Ricardo’s delicious salted caramel cronuts.


Photo credit: http://www.foodspotting.com

But I have got a new phrase that I’m trying out which is ‘I’m satisfied’. Haven’t quite worked out if I put a yes or a no thanks in front of that yet.

It does seem like a good thing to say, so I’ll run with that for now.

One of my therapist’s questions was what would I look like if I was better at eating/happier with myself etc. It took a bit to think about it but I decided that it would look like I was actually more present in all areas of my life – off the devices more, eating slower, more present.

And of course I would be running again, which is like a meditation to me and a singular activity that I’d really like to get back to. Not because I don’t want to run with others, but that when I do, I’m very self-conscious about how badly I do at it! It’s for exactly that reason that it’s so good for me – it’s a meditation in itself that walking doesn’t quite replicate. I can think when I walk (although this is not necessarily bad) but when I run, I only move and breathe (or attempt at both of those!)

Anyway, we will see how it goes over the next few sessions. I’m trying to remind myself that it’s not a magic button that suddenly flushes my fat away…it took a long time to get this big and plenty of ‘stuff’ to stay this big. It’s not going to go away after one session of hypnosis.

But still the hope always springs eternal!!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring

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