What can you write when the world seems to fall apart?

What do teenagers think their future is going to be?

Since I’ve been alive there have been any number of wars and conflicts.

The ones I begin to remember are memories set in teenage years, when you become aware of some sort of mortality.

The first Iraq war I remember.

And the rest since then. The conflicts and the increasing terror incidents. And the increasing incidents of violence.

At times they blurred into the background as I found myself distracted by other things.

But now they all come towards me like a rush of bullets and bombs; blood and terror. Asylum seekers; dead children on beaches. Trucks piling through people at celebrations and American people killing each other at an ever increasing rate with the guns that they love so much.

I imagine it is so overwhelming for so many.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and live in the moment and the space and time that I am in.

One wonders what the world will come to when our governments seem hard and uninterested in the struggle of those less well off than them. When you can’t even believe that your own country is humane, compassionate or concerned with the future sustainability of the environment.

Sometimes I despair.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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