What sort of person finds an unconscious person and instead of thinking, ‘Shit, this person’s in trouble, I’ll call an ambulance’ they think ‘Cool, I’ll fuck that person who is unconscious’?


Well here he is.


His Dad despairs because now his son’s life is ruined. Here’s the news report that will piss you off.

Frankly, right now I reckon his life was already ruined if he thought that raping an unconscious woman was any sort of idea (even if he was drunk at the time).

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with him?

The victim, A PERSON, rightly suggests that people should be properly punished for the crime of rape, and that it should not be something learned ‘by trial and error’. Oh, you did a little rape there buddy, here’s a slap on the wrist and maybe don’t do it again, eh?

The victim has the heartbreaking task of trying to put herself together again. To try and resolve the fact that some guy that she doesn’t know and that didn’t know her, put his penis inside of her without her permission. I hope she has good support and lots of love from the people around her.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to feel sorry for this guy and frankly I don’t. But I do wonder, what does he do now? Is he contrite? Does he actually know he’s done something properly wrong? How does he resolve this act inside himself?

And how many other young men who have done the same thing, and not been caught, what do they think happened?

How does the statement, there are good people who do bad things get layered on people like Brock Turner?

And why do young men have this apparent desire to have sex with unconscious women?

I just can’t work it out.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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