Sara, Sara…

Storms are brewing in your eyes… Starship.

I dreamt about Sara Ramirez being in my movie about an alien abduction of a fish and chip shop guy whose life changes after they chop his legs off and give him new ones. She is his accepting friend back on earth. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy for a while because, well AUSTRALIAN TV SUCKS. And so does Australian Netflix.

However, I know what’s been happening and I’m well aware of:

a. Calzona is not together – still; and

b. Sara Ramirez has left the show.

I wrote extensively about Calzona and their break up when it was happening in 2014 – just search my blog for Calzona.

My main comments were around how genius Shonda Rhimes was and also, that in real life, love is often not enough to save a relationship.

A lot of the younger fangirls are still clinging to hope that Calzona is endgame. And maybe Shonda will make that happen. Because she can, because it’s a TV show and not real life. See Tibette from L Word back after five seasons apart.

But in real life, they rarely get back together.

In real life, love is not enough to save a broken relationship, no matter how nice it might have looked from the outside.

Sometimes in life you have to let things go and move on. When you do, all sorts of amazing things can happen! Further to that, it works out for both people, regardless of where they find themselves in the end.

So don’t be sad about Calzona still being apart. They are happy in their respective lives.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring

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