What sort of a dream is it anyway?

Jarryd Hayne.

Americans might have heard of him if they are 49ers fans or that of NFL.

Australians have had enough of hearing about him as NFL and NRL footballer.

When I heard that he was going to try out for the Fiji Rugby 7s I tweeted –

If it was such a dream then playing NFL at any level would have satisfied.

Because he probably could have still made a decent living playing at some level in America I imagine.

I called bullshit on the whole thing.

And I’m not the only one. Check this comment piece by Malcolm Knox. OUCH.

As if we all don’t think that ‘hero’ sports people, especially of the male variety, get lauded and paid enough, here is Jarryd ballsing it up for fun. What, he wasn’t good enough after five minutes of playing his ‘dream’ game so he gave up?

What a load of crap. He was either faking it in the first place about his intentions  – he had a guarantee on the practice squad of the 49ers (in place of someone who might have an actual proper dream) – or he really doesn’t get this whole ‘having a dream’ thing.

You see Jarryd, people usually give it years and years before they give up on their true dream. They might even play on (or whatever they are dreaming about) around the lower levels of something for their whole life, just so they can be close to their dream.

Jarryd Hayne had a dream that he could just waltz in to American Football and get to the top level without really trying or putting in the hard yards. He just wanted the fame and the payday without the work to get there.

I know people who have a dream of playing NFL. They are currently over in America playing college football. Learning. Skilling up. Working towards his goal. I know another 15 year old who is already working towards that aim as well, even though he is a fair way away from even going to America. Thankfully not everyone just expects to be handed a spot just because they are from another code they were good at in another country.

Good luck with your new ‘dream’. According to the rules you won’t be able to play in the Olympics for Fiji as you haven’t resided there for six months or been drug tested for that long either. Or is his manager going to swing something with the Olympic committee to make that happen too?

I’m personally not going to be too surprised when that dream becomes something else. And it seems from the comments on that one story alone, I’m not the only one over him.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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