Wonder Woman v boys: Another review of Batman v Superman

Yesterday the lovely and I saw Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

I enjoyed it very much, although I’m not a fanboy so I don’t know if things were right or wrong in the story.

I enjoyed it because the people in it weren’t all ingénues. They had grey hair and (some) wrinkles and looks of concern. It was a mature.

I didn’t expect to enjoy Ben Affleck’s performance so much but actually he suited the darker, more mature Batman. The Batman gone a little bad. The Batman that had lost some hope for humanity.


I liked Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Although Amy is the actor from Enchanted, I’ve not really seen her in anything much else. This role she played seriously and I enjoyed the gravitas to which she bought to it. That Lane had now graduated to following up serious leads requiring trips to war torn countries (even though she still had to be rescued by Superman) impressed me.

lois lane

Meanwhile, the man of steel himself had also matured since Henry Cavell took on the role. I haven’t seen Man of Steel, the reboot movie, so perhaps this was already something that had pulled the role forward, but I liked it a lot. I liked the doubt on his face.


Jessie Eisenberg adds a jittery madness to Alexander Luthor, the son of Lex Corp’s founder. His fragility and insanity are well portrayed by Eisenberg, who you want to slap repeatedly.

lex luthor

Finally, Gal Gadot, whom I’ve never heard of before, plays the mystery woman (but not that mysterious to us) Diana Prince and eventually is called to reveal her true identity as Wonder Woman in the final battle of good over evil.

wonder woman

Frankly, I enjoyed the darkness of the movie. It has taken a different path to what I’ve seen previously, where there is no consequence shown for the people affected by the mass destruction of a ‘super’ fight. Although the focus was on Superman, the Dark Knight also has a high collateral body count in my reckoning, something he was not prepared to admit.

There were no distracting dalliances in this movie. The relationship between Lois and Clarke was mature – although I did wonder what the ten-year-old boy next to me thought of the Clarke/Lois love scene, all water splashing and giggling.

Diana Prince was no one’s arm candy and even Bruce Wayne wasn’t really interested in her except for a passing attraction. I hope that continues in the next movie. Wonder Woman has her own mythology and doesn’t need the Batman to ride over that.

I’ve been careful not to give too many spoilers here as it really does it no justice to know in advance what might happen.

Let’s just say that at certain points you really wanted the super boys to just quit it and get on with the real fight. Which is why when Wonder Woman shows up, it is one of the best parts of the movie for its subtle humour.

wonder woman 2

I liked this movie a lot. Ben doesn’t have to be sad reading this review.

bruce wayne

Photos not owned by me and used without permission.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring


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