Sexy beast

Do not believe anyone that says that women in their 40s are not complete sexual beasts.

If your woman is not, there may be many legitimate reasons related to health and wellbeing.

Let the reason not be that she’d rather not because she is tired of doing the role you (or she) has put her in.

We are all guilty of this.

However, a woman who is relishing her sexuality is amazing to see.

Do what it takes.

Fuck her in stairwells or against the bonnet of a car. Make love to her in bed after dark. Make her stifle pleasure sounds in the shower.

Each woman’s sexy beast will look different but keep searching together until you find it. Perhaps it is your fingers on her clit as she makes tea in the  kitchen…Or your cock (silicon or not) in her mouth.

It does not matter her identification or that of her partner.

Do what it takes.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 


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