I have some questions.

Why would the Australian government insist on spending $160 million on a plebiscite for marriage equality, that would ultimately cost the community $500 million all up, when most people fall into the ‘hell yes’ or ‘I don’t care’ categories?

Why is it that in India it’s such a moral society on one hand, but on the other, groups of men regularly rape and kill young women (and a baby for fucks sake)? Two that I’ve heard in the last week. What is with that?

Why is it that Facebook leaves offensive, racist and sexist pages up and bans pages talking about discrimination against women, breastfeeding photos and photos of Aboriginal women in traditional dress? What community standards are you upholding exactly?

What kind of organisation continues to block and oscillate instead of just admitting the overwhelming truth that they fucked up in protecting children from pedophile priests? The Catholic church is just digging itself a bigger hole and the old white men running the boys club just need to stop pretending that it’s all going to be OK if they keep doing what they are doing.

What kind of government cuts dentistry to kids to save some cash while allowing big business to underpay tax? The Liberal Australian government is so in the pockets of these people and it’s so obvious! The time has passed where you can pretend you’re doing it for Australia, Malcolm Turnbull et al. It is very clear you are keeping your mates good while screwing the rest of the Australian community, who aren’t invited to your posh $1000 a head parties.

Why would any government feel justified to keep regular people prisoner in appalling conditions just in case they might be terrorists or non-genuine refugees? For the love of Australia, just get them in and 99.9% of them will be back to productive citizens in a couple of years. Instead of being completely broken and burdens on the system forever with Nauru and Manus as their torturers. Yes, some might be terrorists but we are seriously damaging many, many people (including children, so many little children) just so we can keep out those very few. And might this treatment not actually grow disenfranchised, angry and damaged people who want to lash out at captors or perpetrators? It’s costing more to keep them there than bring them here and it’s pissing me off.

Why do people hurt animals? If your job is in an abattoir, then do your best to be humane. What is with the anger and psychotic behaviour against these creatures? They are feeding this nation, we should be treating them with gratitude and love at this final step (and all the steps in between). If doing this means it costs more  money, then so be it. And employers, maybe do a psych test on your people before you hire them.

I could go on with questions about my world which is not making sense. Live exports? No, we don’t need them. Rape culture? What is wrong with men (and women) who blame the victims? Body shaming? Who says your shape is OK and someone else’s isn’t? Climate change? Sure, it’s not real, it’s just figment of our imaginations.

What do I do with all these questions? Be righteously angry all the time? Be depressed? Be mindful that they don’t bring me down? Change what I can change? Vote how I can vote?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring

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