Tonight’s news

What the hell is wrong with people?

Footballer filmed doing ‘depraved act’ on dog because a woman rejected his sexual advance.

Another guy is run over by his neighbour after a long running dispute – no doubt there are no innocent parties there, although the man is very badly injured and may lose his foot.

High speed chase ends in crash – fortunately no extra people were injured, just the chasee.

People seem to have no impulse control, anger management or ability to make good choices these days.

It’s not just males, but it seems to be quite a lot of them. (Although last night’s news featured a woman who took police on a three hour chase with her six year old daughter in the car. They caught her after she accidentally drove into a pool. This might indicate that you can have a low speed car chase with the police and there is no need to go getting all ‘speedy’ on them.)

I recommend behaviour that does not require any fleeing from police.

And I’ve been mad before but I’ve worked on myself to try to cool that shit off. It worked. Not that I was that wayward as a youth but I did have a temper. Fortunately I wasn’t assaulting animals or punching people. This was because although I had a temper, I also had some formation of good and bad choices in dealing with it.

Is society more violent and less tolerant these days? Or is it that we just see it more on social and the 24 hour news cycle?

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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