Life is a rollercoaster

2015 was a rollercoaster.

I’ve been on them before (see 2014).

Just for fun I checked out the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS), more commonly known as the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale to see how I scored for 2015. The score is up to 600…I got 497.

So just a few major life events to get through then!

It also reported that I would get sick with this rating. Luckily things are starting to settle down!

2015 saw me getting a new partner; losing my job; my partner moving in; buying a house and moving; gaining five kids; getting a new job; going overseas; negotiating with my ex; being off work for eight weeks with health issues; getting three kittens; playing Monopoly with the family at Christmas time (!!) – not necessarily in that order!

Overseas I met three wonderful people I met on Twitter, which was a fantastic way to see different countries, plus I also made a lovely friend in my AirBnB host in New York. To be shown around Bangkok and Dallas with these women was a wonderful experience and one that I will not forget any time soon. Although it does all seem so far away now! Fortunately the lovely and I are planning an overseas trip in 2017 – looking forward to that!

I saw some amazing art this year – a lot of it overseas in America – but also with my lovely in Sydney and Tasmania. I wrote a lot about MoNA and how it inspired me. The whole experience there was just amazing! The Metropolitan in New York, as well as the Guggenheim and the MoMA were standouts of my New York visit and the Dallas Museum with the wonderful Ashleigh was amazing. With this I realised I had been missing a lot of beauty and art in my life. That I needed to be refreshed and renewed with beautiful and thought provoking artefacts.

This year I met the loveliest woman, full of surprises, kindness and love. I did not expect to meet someone so soon who I would connect with and love. The Universe was very good to me to send me this teacher and I feel blessed every day that we are together.

And together we bought a house and brought our six children into a new family. This has been and will continue to be, a learning experience – full of joy and laughter and frustration! We are both doing this for the first time and so are the children, so we all get to learn together in our house, which has old charm and sometimes no charm (thanks to the doorhandles!). At least three of the kids will be spending the next eight years with us, so there will be plenty of teenage angst to deal with!

My work tribulations, as well as that of my physical health will hopefully subside into the distance. Having won a new permanent position, the stress of losing my position has washed away. It was a decade from when I last lost a job and coincidentally, had surgery to remove an organ. So perhaps in 2025 I can expect something else but in the meantime, I shall rebuild into this new stream of work and hopefully, recover some more of my health.

I’m very grateful and blessed to have cats in my life again, thanks to the lovely who did not object and in fact bought the third one into the house for me. Julian, Jack and Rosie are very cute, very naughty and very active kittens and we adore them (although Jack just wee’d on the bed so NOT so adorable right now!).

2015 was a massive year. Now to look forward to 2016.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,


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