You did not clear all the jelly

I’m late to the Candy Crush revolution. I’m enjoying it as a bit of head space time, and also when the lovely helps me (she stopped playing at level 470).

I find it an interesting analogy to life.

Sometimes you get through the tricky level. Sometimes you need to try multiple times to get it right.

Sometimes you do not clear all the jelly.

Those times in life when it feels like you are repeatedly trying and failing to move forward are challenging.

It’s tiring to keep trying to fix the same issue, solve the same problem or get past that one thing, time after time.

It seems no matter what you try it doesn’t work. It’s frustrating, and sometimes you want to give up.

I like that Candy Crush makes you stop after you’ve lost five times.

Because in this game, as in life, you might need to just take some time out and do something else for a bit. Get a new perspective. Let some fresh air come in. Get other things that you can get done, done.

And then when you come back to it, you see things a little differently. You find a way through. You move through this task or that level.

Or you don’t.

But either way, you keep trying.

So I keep trying.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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