Not another Xena blog…

Yep, yep it is actually!

always be xena

Twenty years since the show Xena: Warrior Princess aired for the first time.

For many mid fourties lesbians, this was a pivotal show in their character development. And I don’t mean because we all went and got swords and wore lots of leather. (Although some of us did!)

I mean that it was a positive female/female relationship on television that we could actually believe in. Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor did a wonderful job of conveying warmth, complexity and genuine love to a couple of disparate travelers though the annals of history. Even though that history was often historically inaccurate.

The first few episodes were a little clunky to be honest. They were clearly all getting into the swing of things. But subsequent seasons developed the characters into flawed, complex women for us all to observe and love.

xena kiss

I’m not gonna lie – it was also HOT!! Although sometimes when they had the boy love interests, it was a bit of a groan fest.

It was campy and funny and dumb sometimes; dark, complex and supernatural other times.

Imagine if it had been on Netflix today…WOWSERS!! Can you imagine this scene, OITNB style?


Anyway, back to today, where there is talk of a potential reboot. But any reboot would need to honour the women who formed the main reason why we all loved the show so much – Lucy and Renee and their relationship as Xena and Gabrielle.

Let’s hope if they do reboot, they at least get a few eps to start off. I’d be interested to see it. I believe shows like Lost Girl are very much inspired by Xena, in that the female/female relationships are similarly warm, complex and sexy.

I will watch the series again. It’s literally in my top five favourites of all time. If you’ve never seen it, check it out – but give it a few episodes to get past the slightly odd acting!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
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