Today’s headlines mostly suck

Today’s blog is bought to you by the headlines…

Butter won’t kill you but margarine will. I knew it! Never eat food that ants won’t eat, and they won’t touch margarine. Plus, what the hell, it doesn’t taste like anything!

Seal and Jodi Packer having a baby – or are they? Who the fuck cares? Why is this even on my news site? (And no, I’m not giving you a link so you can check!)

Dolce and Gabbana didn’t want to get married, so Abetz says marriage equality is a fad. Clearly he didn’t read the rest of what they said… “We believe firmly in democracy and we think freedom of expression is essential for that. We talked about our way of looking at the world, but it was not our intention to express a judgment on other people’s choices. We believe in freedom and love,” Gabbana said in a statement. So maybe Abetz can just get fucked.

Tony Abbott PM on marriage equality: “Given the nature of this issue and the strength of feeling on the issue in the party room and the community, the disposition of the party room was to go into the next election with a commitment to put this issue to the people in the next term of Parliament,” he told reporters. AS IF YOU CAN BELIEVE HIM PEOPLE!! How many of the last election promises has he kept? Not to mention that resisting this is just so much bullshit – just do it already because we are over being behind Ireland and NZ.

Serena Williams gets body shamed? Seriously people are just dickheads. As someone said recently, just because my body is not built for attracting rich old guys does not mean I look like a man.

Serena W

Why more women are driving sports cars… well probably because they bloody like it! Even though this article is just a marketing push for Porche. PS. Drove the new Mazda MX-5 yesterday and I’m certainly a fan. It’s still not as good as the RX-8 but hey, they are different cars so you can’t quite compare. Still, looking at the curves on the bonnet as I drive along…priceless.

Best news ever – IKEA Canberra is close to completion! I love IKEA and I can’t wait for this to be my home store to spend lots…

Holy fuck it’s snowing here!

*30 seconds later* OK sorry, anyway, can’t wait to get to IKEA!

And now I’m so done with the news today.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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