Gerry, my Gerry

Gerry made his presence known early March this year, although it’s very clear he’d been around for some time. 

 Gerry is my gallstone, or at least the largest stone in the photo. 

He feels soft to touch, which seems odd because the sound is hard when he rattles around the specimen jar.

Having gallstones and your gallbladder removed is very common in Australia. Both my grandmothers had theirs out, although back then the hospital stay and recovery time was a lot longer…weeks in hospital instead of my overnight stay. According to research, there’s nothing you can do to prevent gallstones if they want to grow.  

I’m good at growing big, useless things inside me. Previously I’ve grown a fibroid 10x10x11cm… Yes, that one took my uterus as well when it came out ten years ago.

Gerry is approximately 2×1.5cm…A decent effort for my gallbladder to produce!  

 So what now? Once I recover from the surgery it’s on with life feeling a lot better! 

Since Gerry was blocking the neck of the gallbladder, it was very enlarged and pushing up against my liver. Making it and my pancreas quite the unhappy chappies. I was not getting the benefits of bile production and digestive aid because of the inflammation, so I probably won’t notice too much difference in that department!

I’ll just be a lot more pain free, which is a total bonus! 

And I’ll need to reconsider big, fatty meals…my body just won’t deal with them. Which is not a bad thing really. I’m already 1.7kgs lighter this week!

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring 

A person 



2 thoughts on “Gerry, my Gerry

    • Hi Madeleine, I’m not particularly great with diet but of course all those things about less fat etc apply. The operation is a bit painful to recover from but generally I’ve not changed anything I eat. Good luck!

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