What a car in a ditch can tell you

It was a dark and rainy night…

And so it was my lovely accidentally got her car stuck in a ditch!

As it was raining and dark and cold, and she had tried unsuccessfully to remove it herself, we went and had another go at it this morning. I had arranged someone to come help who had a little equipment and a bigger car that may be needed to pull it out, but they had not yet arrived.

It was clear on daytime inspection that the car was fully wedged on the side of a soft gravel driveway. So wedged in fact, and half in the ditch, that it was definitely not able to go anywhere without assistance. A very nice man noticed us looking at the car and pulled over and offered to help. In the end after a bit of tooing and froing, the car came, a little dirty but largely unscathed, out of its predicament.

But this is not the most exciting thing that happened in that half an hour of ‘car out of ditch’ adventure.

No, the more interesting part was the altercation between neighbours that subsequently occurred as we were attempting to get the car out. It seems that this relationship had long been broken down and both parties held a lot of animosity towards each other. However the second party seemed a little bit more adversarial.

Which makes me think and wonder how hard her life must be to be so openly aggressive and confrontational to three people who were clearly just trying to get a car out of the ditch. The abuse directed from this party towards my lovely was an accusation that she must have been drunk to have ended up in such a situation! The leap had us all a little stunned for a second!

I can attest that she was indeed quite sober but reversing in the rain and the dark close to the edge of a soft, newly laid gravel driveway got the better of her. It probably would have got the better of very many people considering the construction of the driveway.

So a little accident was had, and a friendly man offered to help out. And then this other party who claimed to own the property added nothing by her presence. She did not assist in trying to get the car out of the ditch. She did not help by watching quietly off to the side.

I know that sometimes relationships break down but it seemed odd that you would attack someone in front of strangers that they were clearly giving assistance to. He went out of his way to help us and we were very grateful for that. She went out of her way to abuse him verbally and us!

I can only feel sad for this woman who is clearly very angry and frustrated and scared by the things in her life. Who knows if I will meet her again some time? I hope that she is able to get past the car in the ditch incident and has a nice day. But there’s nothing I can do if she doesn’t.

Meanwhile we are very grateful to the man who assisted and we feel lucky that neither the car nor my lovely was greatly injured (although there are a few bruises and scratches on both).

The biggest lesson learnt from today is that it is a good idea to know the neighbourhood that you might move into, just in case you get into the middle of some sort of long-standing family disturbance. So in the end the accident in the ditch will certainly save us years of living next to such an angry person!

How mysterious the Universe is at times…but it tells you plenty if you want to listen.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring
A person


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