My first voice recognition blog

Okay you go trying out new Dragon voice recognition software in the little weird. I’m going to leave all the mistakes in just this one time so you can see just how strange species to me and how interesting the interpretation is what I’m saying. Even then it mixed species with this is. I’m really going to learn to pronounce my words a lot better!!

there is nothing that seems a logical all sensible about this dictating period period.

Legal take a bid to get used to try to stare at the window and not look at the screen as the words typed on there for me.

My hands are class in my life my hands are not class in my life my hands are in my luck. Fail!

This is not easy to get used to looking at the screen just makes it more confusing but I can do ;-).

Robotically practising no longer robotically practising I have to do keep practising. Her

it is a whole new way of writing I’m not quite sure I like it yet.

Challenging to think and not type. It is challenging to think and not look at screening. It is challenging to think and talk out loud.

You would wonder why considering I talk out loud all the time I’m quite talky. But apparently this new recognition software hasn’t quite got my style yet.

Julian is now because I want to have a long career and I want to have the ability to write outside my job. Writing is very important to me. It is how I process my feelings. It is how I work through my issues. It is how I feel alive often times.

Two have not being able to be writing this last few weeks on my blog has been very difficult. The anxiety I felt about having this physical issue having to have time off work, the fear of not being able to do what I love let alone to what I need to do to provide for myself and my daughter, has been very scary. Right now I’m just using my Apple headphones as I had a spare pair. But think eventually once I get the hang of it want to hop up and walk around and talk.

I can see already it’s getting better. Although I am wondering where to Julian is! And I’m still to work out the editing function because not changing it as I go is a little weird. I’m used to the back ! I’m very lucky that I have been able to access this software and equipment that I can use to work. I know many people would not be as fortunate as me in this situation. I’m lucky that I have some leave up my sleeve and can take time off work without losing any money. This would not be possible for many people and I appreciate the fortune that I have and are grateful for the position I’m in at the moment.

I hope that soon these talking/writing sessions will become a bit more natural. At the moment I feel kind of robotic talking in a very weird way. However, I know that this will help me get back to work love which is riding.

Wishing you all the happiness the universe can bring

a person (that should be writing not writing, apparently I can’t think or talk properly)

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