Art is everywhere 

Notice things.

Art is everywhere!

For nothing on the side of the road or for $20 from the Reject shop, like my canvas above!

When I was in New York I loved all the details. Even if it wasn’t in the Metropolitan or the MoMA, the streets were full of different things to enjoy and appreciate. Textures, colours, patterns. It seemed like they were all jumping out at me.

At home I see birds, flowers, sticks, dead trees, and live ones. Buildings, fences, fields.

I often think ‘that would be a nice photo’.

You don’t have to try hard to see art and beauty. You just have to look. Be observant. Pay attention.

Sometimes that’s hard but once you start practicing, it becomes easier. You start doing it automatically.

Of course there are periods of time and places you go that are more beautiful or arty than others.

But you don’t need those places to be creative. Find something where you are and create from that space.

Let new things come in and flow out of you.

Wishing you all the happiness the Universe can bring,
A person


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